Never clientele

I’m a bit angry.  For weeks I have been receiving multiple calls from a robodialler trying to sell me clientele insurance. It starts with a call from +27876546440 playing some recording (but this number changes). I have no idea what that recording says. I press 1 to make it stop. Then later a real person phones me from 0110850720 to speak to me about their products, and acts all surprised that I want them to stop phoning me. They seem to think that because they tricked me with their robot dialing machine that I have an agreement with them. This is completely corrupt – you can’t have a meeting of minds with a robot, because it hasn’t got a mind.

If you repeatedly phone people with a robo dialler, there is only one reason for this: you want money. You care deeply about getting money, and about getting it soon, but you don’t care about the people that are not your clients and do not want to be your clients. You hate them, and you’d rather not deal with them, because they are only worthy of talking to a machine.  It’s fine to waste their time over and over and over, just in case they want to give you the money that you so love.

I will never buy anything from Clientele insurance. A company capable of wasting the time of the entire country with robotic callers can be expected to –

  • sell you worthless products at high prices
  • deny valid claims for bogus reasons
  • debit your account without authority

I don’t know about the last two, but an example that looks to me like a completely worthless product at a high price is their “Hospital* Plan” at R265 per month.  It sounds great, except if you end up in hospital, and then you will discover that the asterisk* says that it covers non-medical expenses (e.g. your car was towed?) provided that you were in hospital for THREE days or more.  No, it doesn’t cover what you might think a hospital plan covers.  Not a single thing.  And if you’ve been in hospital for THREE days, you have bigger financial problems than the taxi fare to get there.  Simply put, they collect a lot of money, and they pay out precious little.

Since they so hate people that are not their clientèle, how are we supposed to believe that they love their clientèle?

These people are no better than the R3/day worthless subscription “services” that are now also using robodiallers to trick people into being “subscribed” and then tricking them into sending premium SMS’s to “unsubscribe”.  And that is also called a “service”.  It’s a scam.

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