Jungle and tree poetry

So Grace, being six years old, wrote a poem. She doesn’t write so well, so her mother wrote it down. This is how it went:

Over in the jungle lived a mother tiger
with a little tiger too
Climb said the mother
We climb, said the two
So they climbed and they climbed
Until the night broke through

Not to be outdone, Sharon, who is four, produced this poem:

Once upon a time there was a tree.
The end
And there was a little house.
The end
And a mother squirrel and a tree squirrel
And the mother squirrel said,
“Gather food, gather food,”
and they did say,
“We gather food, we gather food,”
The end

Not only this, but it turns out that Grace’s poem is also available in a variation using less dangerous non-tiger cats:

Over in the meadow in a little warm tree
lived an old mother cat
with her little catties three
Climb said the mother,
“We climb!” said the three
So they climbed and they climbed to the tippy tippy tree.

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