Vet your pet doctor carefully

So we had this cat – it was called Nyip.  Having a cat meant that we did not have birds in our garden, which was bad, but more specifically, we did not have birds in our fruit trees, which was rather nice. One Sunday morning, our cat Nyip got run over in the road.  As the daughter put it, “it was crossing the road, and a car came, and bonk! ran it over”.  So we didn’t have that cat anymore.  Well, at least, not in working order.  We were almost late for church.

Right on cue, evidence of mice appeared in the garage, chewing up everything except rat poison, so we need to replace the cat.

Now, I should mention, that when we got this cat Nyip, it was a girl cat.  Girl cats are nice, because they have cute kittens, and they get all aggressive with you when you try to play with the things, not to mention how aggressive the little things themselves are.  Anyhow, as time went by, we wondered increasingly whether “it’s a female, I think” was more “I think” and much less “it’s a female”.  So, when we came back from the vet, we had this cat, this boy cat, called Nyip.  Years later he became a flat cat, and then we only had his mortal remains, which didn’t control rodents in the same way that they did when they were alive.

So, we organised this other cat.  We decided that we should get a girl cat.  The same little girl that wanted to see how rabbits lay their eggs said she would like to see how cats have kittens.  This is an important learning experience that we fully support.  Besides this, being six is a full time job, and any distraction on the side is welcome.

So we got the cat.  She came with lots of complementary fleas.  We washed ten off it in the sink on the first day, and another 4 the next day, and another 3 the next week, and then we gave up.  Silly cat doesn’t like being bathed. The wife stopped objecting to the darling animal being called “fleabag”, even though her proper name is Astrophe.

Astrophe is a great name for a cat, you have to admit.  It even sounds like a girl cat.  We took her to the vet, to get vaccinated.  This reminds me – I wonder about people who don’t vaccinate their kids (you know who you are), whether they vaccinate their pets, sheep, cattle and goats ….  Anyhow, the vet vaccinated the cat.  He washed her in vicious viscous flea-repellant stuff, and mentioned, with great compassion that there was something to tell us about. She is a boy cat.

So, that is the sad tail of our cat Astrophe. This has been a learning experience for all of us. Was it the vaccination that did it? We’re not quite sure, but the next time we take a cat to the vet, we are going to make sure that we do not let the animal out of our sight, and so, hopefully, avoid a recurrence of this sex change. If you are considering vaccinating your cat, please be careful.

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