Ocean basket case

Years ago we went to Ocean Basket and came away with 50% food poisoning (two ate, one came away sick).  We have not been back.  However, we did not say anything to anyone at the time.  Why make a fuss?

This kind of truck and bull bar

This kind of truck and bull bar, because you never know when you need to bump an ex-client.

Today, their huge truck with its huge metal bull bar tried to bump my car off the road, because I had the temerity to be scared that they would make good on jumping the stop sign where that very car has been bumped by someone driving just like they did.  The truck did jump the stop sign.  This was not a mistake: it was aggressive driving, accompanied by laughing in the cabin – ha ha, big commercial ten ton plus truck with bull bar intimidates defenceless little passenger vehicle.  Ha ha, breaking the law is cool.  Ha ha, little people are like ants, we can crush them.

So now, I’m telling the world: these people don’t care about you.  They do not care.  Your well-being is their joke.  It’s all very funny.  Well, maybe they care about you, but they certainly don’t care about me.  They so don’t care that they employ the worst sort of person to drive their goods around.  They are not unaware that their drivers are irresponsible: the only reason to fit a bull bar to an expensive vehicle that does not drive in rural areas is because you know that the vehicle is damaging others: instead of getting better staff, you institutionalise the damage that your staff do.

Now I’m making a fuss.  If they are capable of this, they are capable of bigger failures.

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  1. Claire M says:

    Good Day, I have read your article that was posted yesterday and would like to know if Ocean Basket Head Office can contact you to discuss the incident regarding our truck and drivers. Many thanks Claire (Ocean Basket Head Office JHB)

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