Pop goes the (LED) light bulb

Spar whitelabel LED light bulb

Spar sells a LED light bulb: it’s nice, until it pops – and that doesn’t take long. It fairly bright, it uses 7W of power, it has the bayonet style connection.

There’s a problem though: it doesn’t last. It popped loudly exactly when a neighbouring circuit in the suburb tripped. This says that the voltage spike from the neighbours broke it.

This means nothing but “inadequate over-voltage protection”. I’m not buying another one, until someone fixes the electronics, and it says “WITH OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION”. The circuit is three capacitors, a tiny transformer, a big resistor and two tiny resistor, and packages that look like a diode bridge, and a tiny unmarked IC with 6 legs (two of which are soldered together).

LED board hiding transformer, showing black mark where the POP popped out.

External markings:
Globe A60
Cool White
LED 9w 60mA BC
180-240Vac ~ 50Hz

Circuit markings on the LED board:
5930-5C7C9C-950130 D39.85
PE1878A0 19/12▴

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