The class struggle is over: long live the class struggle

In South Africa, the class struggle between the capitalists and the proletariat has been won by the proletariat.  As a result we have the popular rule of the ANC, and largely friendly relations with COSATU (representing the proletariat) and the SACP, providing ideological guidance.  They struggled, they won.

So what now?  Is it all over?  Has heaven descended to earth?  Is there welfare for all?  Not quite.  There are voices trying to keep the class struggle alive – stirring up industrial discontent, fanning the dying embers of racism – but this cannot produce anything of value.  What is the barrier to prosperity?  What is beyond the class struggle?

A very large problem that the country now faces is the emergence of a new class: a class of people sold out to wickedness and selfish anti-social pursuits: the criminal class.  Criminals, for better or worse, were an important ally in the struggle against apartheid.  Now, however, the criminal element has started to define themselves more clearly in society. This brings us an epidemic of rape, murder, thefts and a continual stream of anti-social behaviour.  The law is routinely flouted, and the courts are mocked as they flounder under the flood of criminality.

The proletariat face a struggle against crime, which is clearly seen in areas where criminality has organised into criminal gangs.  Criminals brazenly oppress regular people who are trying to make ends meet, and convert the victory against capitalism and apartheid into a bitter defeat.  Even among heroes of the class struggle, criminal corruption is seen.

The new class struggle is the working class against the criminal class: the righteous class against the wicked class: the upright man versus the corrupt man.  This is the current struggle.  The old is gone: it’s not about the means of production any more.

What methods should be employed in this class struggle?  How should the criminal class be destroyed?  What must be done to neutralise the wicked?  What will convert the wicked into the righteous?  What example must be set by leaders?  What message must the leaders give to the people?  How must the community be helped to deal with criminal aggression against their class?

There are two things that should be used without apology in this class struggle against the criminal class:

  • The law: the law puts criminals on notice of the consequences of their criminal acts.  The law must be in humble submission to the law of Almighty God, and must be published widely and broadly.  Trial and punishment should be executed speedily to send a clear message to the criminal class.  Whenever it is done correctly, it should be done visibly, loudly and in public.  The law should put the power in the hands of upright men, and do away with the current arrangement where the power of life and death is only in the hands of criminals.
  • The gospel: the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: from the criminal class men can be, and are converted to righteousness.  Men promoting the true gospel by preaching and teaching and by good works should be given every practical support, and people opposing sound doctrine should be silenced.

The old struggle against capitalism is done and dusted: the capitalists are neutralised, and as far as they are not, it is easy to fix, as their political power is gone, and any scheme against the proletariat can be trivially crushed.  Criminals may have been allies in the class struggle against apartheid and capitalism, but they did not get the permission of the workers to form a new ruling class, and rule with cruelty and unrelenting wickedness.

Long live righteousness!  Down with wickedness!  Panzi!

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