Teacher unions versus children

So teacher unions are against systems where the state diverts education funding from government schools to independent schools, since this puts the decision making about schooling in the hands of parents.  In the process of giving decision making powers to parents, the state would be taking power away from established schools, where the unionised teachers are employed.  How can parents possibly know what is in the best interests of teachers their children?

Unions count up the number of children being educated in private schools (largely at their parents’ expense) and dream that if those children were in the government schooling system, the heavens would open, and their job prospects would improve for union members – more children, more work, more responsibility, money, success, glory.

If it’s all about numbers, there’s something more that the teachers should be concerned about: abortion.

If the 82000 children aborted this year were not killed allowed to live instead of being killed aborted, their numbers would, in seven years, more than make up the numbers that are “missing” from the government school rooms.

How short sighted do you have to be to support a government that is killing off your career prospects?

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