When the indicator does not flash, the vehicle may be turning

I spoke to a man driving a nice big white 15-seater bus and trailer for Ilios travel – http://www.ilios.co.za/ this morning in the traffic, to let him know that the lights on his trailer don’t work.  That was cool.  I told him.  Problem averted.  Road safety rulz ok.

What happened next is the reason you should avoid travelling with this business: he drove on, without checking the vehicle in any way.  4km down the road the lights were still not working on the trailer – no brake lights, no left signal, no right signal.  Either the trailer was not roadworthy to begin with, and he knew it, or Ilios Travel have employed a man to drive who does not think that the state of the vehicle he is driving his is problem.

Update: Fast forward from April 2013 to May 2015: I saw an Ilios Toyota Quantum today towing a trailer DP28KHGP or similar displaying only one rear light.  Clearly checking and changing light bulbs is still not a priority.  Rear lights?  Who needs them?

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