Twin paradox

I was at meeting, and one of the ladies, was feeling rather off. This was on account of her identical twin sister having been slightly injured in a minor car accident. She explained that her neck was sore on account of this – her own neck feeling her twin’s pain. She further explained that this had happened before, when she was out of the country. She had a pain, and went to a doctor, who diagnosed her with whiplash, and asked about the car accident she had been in. She hadn’t been in a car accident, but her twin had – unknown to her.

After the meeting, another lady, also a twin, sympathised. She mentioned that she had been flat on her back in pain when her twin sister had given birth – such that she knew the time of the delivery before she was told about it. Later when she had her own first child, she recognised the pain.

So, what does it mean? Two relatively reliable witnesses telling similar tales. You can find plenty of this kind of stuff around – look for “twin pain” in your favourite search engine.

Possible explanations:

  • Coincidence and myth – One explanation is that there is nothing going on, and that in a sufficiently large population, such things will happen all the time, and have no real significance or meaning. This is not very interesting, and does not appear to fit the evidence too well, but it is possible.
  • Meaningless malice – In the UFO world there is a lot of testimony about the malice of alien/spiritual forces towards all men, and the deceptive harm with which they trouble people. To inflict pain and fiddle with the minds of twins merely because they are twins does fit rather well with this consistent pattern of malice: lies and deception for their own sake. To check this, I spoke to the two twins, and they say that they perceived the phenomenon as being a fact of life, rather than being an ominous and oppressive thing, which does suggest that malicious outside interference is not the cause.
  • Hidden natural principle – Perhaps there is some natural principle causing the communication of pain from one person to another based on some or all of their kinship, shared emotional state or shared physical history. There is no known method by which one nervous system can transmit to another, but this does not mean that such a method does not exist. If it does exist, it should be possible to employ it in some other less complex system. (If you were able to build a communications device on this underlying principle, you would probably only be able to transmit bad news.)
  • Crossed lines to the soul – Perhaps almost identical bodies or minds get their wires crossed under extreme conditions? There are countless stories of husbands who get morning sickness, or other pregnancy type complaints when their wives are pregnant. Twins also share a definite emotional bond. The transmission of twin pain could indicate that the spirit of a person is objectively separate from their physical bodies.
  • Something else – All and/or none of the above – this point intentionally left blank.

The most interesting possibility (but not necessarily true, mind you!) is that there is a hidden principle of nature to be discovered here: something that could be used for a communication device (and, naturally, a weapon of mass destruction while we are at it). Failing the discovery of this principle, it remains impossible to distinguish between whether this is a natural principle, or a pointer to the nature of man.

Einstein, in his special theory of relativity, proposed the twin paradox, which says that if a twin manages to take a really odd and pointless round trip to nowhere in particular, they will arrive younger than their twin (travel keeps you young). However, he never did the experiment, especially not with real twins. He only thought about it. As a speculation: perhaps there is something that can be discovered from twins which goes beyond the realm of speculation? Once all the sane and palatable possibilities have been eliminated, only the insane and tasteless possibilities remain.

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