Socialist social justice is no justice at all

Recently the SABC spent many a monopoly buck on advertising their coverage of the “Mandela” speech of the “Librarian of Alexandria”. This is smells of political influence peddling, since that is what the SABC does these days, and the library of Alexandria was burned to ashes by Julius Caesar in a few years BC. They advertised this event so widely that I even knew about it beforehand — it was advertised on multiple radio stations, and broadcast in 3 different media. It is almost as if they are trying to change people’s mind about some fundamental stuff. It’s like an attempt to establish some strange religion.

I happened to hear the tail end of it, and heard the man wax lyrical about “social justice”, to loud applause from the audience when he said something that boiled down to “we need socialism”. He effectively told them they can call crazy socialism lite schemes “social justice” and do whatever they like until they get to the socialism that will allow them to take people’s stuff and lead us to that socialist heaven on earth also known as famine. Actually, he didn’t go that far, but that’s what they heard.

Right now he’s complaining about people leaving “mainstream media” toward unbalanced internet media — oh wait, he’s done. What a relief.

Now this thing really gets my goat, which is interesting, because I didn’t have a goat, so I can’t share it in the interest of social justice.

The notion of social justice seems to be distinct from the notion of justice, something like this:

  • Justice: to do what is right
  • Social justice: to do what is right unless doing what is wrong is socially expedient, in which case to do what is wrong, but maybe not, if society still retains some non-social justice. See also injustice.

Social justice for socialists is the tyranny of society riding roughshod over justice for the individual, and (in the case of South Africa), perverting justice for the greater good. Instead of “let us do evil that good may result”, they say “let us do social justice that good may result”.

If it seems just to society to take away your worldly goods, children, wife, livelihood and life for some social cause, then they will do it. They might, for example, claim that you have too much stuff, so you should be forced to share it, in the interests of social justice. They might claim that you do not employ the right people, and must do so, in the interests of social justice. They may claim that you force people that work for you to work, which you must stop, in the interest of social justice, while continuing to pay their wages, please, in the interest of social justice. In the interest of social justice, you might be found to be a person who causes disturbance and should be silenced — for the greater good of society, who prefer to live without the voice of those who speak up against injustice (or stupidity, or whatever it is).

The basis of justice, and the only basis of justice, is not the marxist notion of the class struggle (which the man referred to). Neither is it the right of bare force. It is the right of God, who alone determines what is right and good. He determines right and goodness by reason of being the creator. Simple. In the Bible there is a detailed exposition of the kind of law he considers justice. Nothing less than his justice is actually just. When the socialists appropriate for themselves the property entrusted to others by God, and deprive others of their God-given liberty through the kind of regulation they so love, they trample the law of God.

They trample God’s law at their peril. God will neither reward nor ignore their willful insolence: he will repay their social engineering “justice” with justice of his own. The socialists of the world have recognised that secret counter-revolutionary forces are at work against them. They blame everyone: the west, the capitalists, agents provocateurs, right wingers, trade unionists, and, in the case of Africa, former colonial powers. They do not see the finger of God, which rebukes them for their many injustices and their never ending thefts.

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