Silly songs with Audacity

And now it’s time for silly songs with Audacity: that part of the show where Audacity comes out and plays, a silly song. So it turns out that if you have a high tolerance for background noise and a poor quality microphone, you too can be a one-man close (or not so close) harmony group. Unfortunately it does sound a bit as if it was recorded next to a busy highway. This is sad, but sometimes, if you want to get something sung, you have to sing it yourself.

The way it is done is you record the backing track, and then while you listen to that on earphones, you sing each voice to the microphone. Once you’re done, you set some stereo effects to have your virtual clones standing left and right of center, convert to MP3, upload and – voila! – instant fame.

I recorded the bum cream songs (each kid has one):

  • Bum bum cream – the famous nappy changing song popularised by Rupert the Bear. (It’s also available in a lower key, where the harmony also went a little weird, but it sounds more manly).
  • Time to change your nappy (not to say goodbye)
  • Zap a nappy on the kid – the song for the third kid, who sometimes just doesn’t get bum cream. Poor kid.

There are more family songs:

And I recorded a few songs that I like too (although my nose was blocked at the time, so really quite bad at places). Unfortunately my “studio” and “voice talents” could not do any more justice to these serious words:

For good measure, it was late, and I was tired, and my judgement was impaired, so I added this for the road:

Maybe I’ll put them up with the words one day. Probably not.


  • My mom would always warn us against, well, stuff, with the words “woebetide you if you don’t do it”. Well, that’s what we thought. Wobeytide, verb, transitive: bad stuff happens. Wobey? Tide? Well, it turns out she meant “Woe betide you”, which is a more subtle concept with less nautical imagery. Of course, if the tide was involved, it would be by the woebetide
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