Invasion of the evil androids

Google says you are too stupid to rule your own life.  They say this by their Android phone operating system, in which they do not give you, the owner and operator of the device, root permissions.  This means:

  • You cannot remove rubbish you don’t want.
  • You cannot install software of your choice
  • You cannot resolve problems that bother you
  • You submit to the decisions of your superiors

However, there is a group of elite people who are not limited in this way:

  • Google
  • The phone vendor
  • The software suppliers to the phone vendor

These people are better and smarter than you.  They know how to run your life.  While you cannot make decisions, they can make decisions.  A few of these decisions are to deliberately open up your phone to their own prying eyes:

  • Xiaomi: .apk can install anything it likes on your phone, and you cannot make it go away.
  • Samsung: modem radio chip backdoor can read and write any of your files for any reason.
  • Every Chinese Android phone ever: Shanghai Adups Technology Co. Ltd over-the-air update manager phones home with all your personal data: your SMS’s, your contact list.  Trust?  What’s that?  You run our software, and we put your contacts and SMS’s in our databases forever.  You don’t like that?  Well, you don’t matter.

So Google said they would be less evil but when they denied root to the little man, and gave it to the vendor instead, they sold out the little man to the vendor.  The vendor or his suppliers is a lying weasel in the pay of the communist party, and he makes money on the side by selling your device and information to the most convenient bidder.  He’s often enough just a branch of the communist party.

So here’s the solution:

Don’t buy Google’s phone until you at least get root with it.  You cannot trust these people.  They are evil.

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